When you’ve been working real hard, 

And yer wife yells ‘go clean up the yard!’, 

I can’t you say I’m too dang tired, I’m going fishing 


When you ain’t got no peace of mind, the bills pile up and you’re way behind, 

Take revenge that’s sweet and kind, and go fishing


Doctor says yer ulcers bad, and girls keep chasing yer young lad, 

Don’t blow yer fuse, don’t get mad, try fishing 



Take a load off yer mind, go out fishing and you will find, 

Inner peace and a little bit of fun, you’ll have dinner when you’re done 


You say you ain’t got time to brood, you’re earning bucks for clothes and food, 

Well anytime you’re in the mood, go fishin’


Them rivers lakes and mountain streams, contribute to a guy’s sweet dreams, 

Ahh the tranquillity, when you’re fishing


And when you want a fishing pal, call Karen, Lisa, Jean or Val, 

Can even take yer own sweet gal, out fishing 




Water’s cold, the fishin’s fine, you got a beauty on yer line, 

Another one, that makes nine, sure love that fishin’


When I’m gone and laid to rest, with my rod and reel and 10 pound test, 

The stone should read he was at his best, when fishing


Before they close the lid I’ll pray, dear Lord just give me one more day, 

One more chance on Big Trout Bay, just fishing




Gotta go, it’s been fun, let’s go fishin everyone

Sorry now I’m out of time, got a big one, on the line!