Well I feel lazy, and I don’t know what I’ll do, 

Ain’t got no motive, don’t want to move 

I work hard from day today, 

Don’t slack off that’s what they say, but I’m lazy 



I feel lazy, yes I’m lazy, L-A-Z-Z-Y, I’m lazy, I don’t even wanna try, 

Well I’m lazy, and I can’t tell you why 


Well I could sit around with no hope, can’t you tell I can’t cope,

I feel like wasting time, and if I need some help at this,

I’ll call some friends of mine 


I don’t want to be productive, doing something that’s constructive, 

It’s my day, all the way, 

I can’t see having a good time, cuz I’m too lazy to play 


Leaving behind the fuss and fight, I don’t feel bad cuz it’s all right, that I’m lazy 




I don’t need no work today, and I don’t care what it will pay, cuz I’m lazy