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ORLANDO'S Second Album

"Roots, Rock 'n' Rhythm"

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Thank you for taking the time to provide me with your comments (good or bad). Your honest feedback is most appreciated, as it will help me to determine which tunes are worthy of pursuing and also to understand more about my future song writing endeavours. Please email me at <>

Giver Up the River

I Spy

Women Scare the Hell out of Me

Heal the World

Don't You Mess Around

No Mumbo Jumbo

Problemas in Paradise

Flirt Alert

The News is Blues

Lessons in Romance

The Wonder of a Woman

Old Man Blues

Comments gathered from the CD Release Party

1. Every song received strong merit

2. The average listener likes 8 out of 12 songs

3. The average listener picked three songs to be a ”Hit”

   (To qualify the tune had to score a 9 or 10)

4 The Rhythms (the ‘beat’) of these songs were enjoyed by all


I just love this entire album Orlando... well done ! Your hard work and dedication are evident as is your unique talent. Most of all perhaps, your beautiful heart shines through it all. Your great songs overall make me feel happy and I wanna dance! Some evoke lovely mellow feelings and bring to mind moments and experiences in my own life. You have the ability to carry along with you on a beautiful journey of song and music. 
Brenda Bannerman

This album has me singing, dancing and hitting the repeat button! Great job!
Jamee Moffat

We danced our toes off last night! Love both of your CD's.... hard to stay still.
Pat and Pat Shetlan

Pleasantly surprised, loved the sax and horns, professional, good harmonies. I listen to it whenever I travel. We really like it.
Rick and Pauline M.

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