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Credits and Thanks

All music and lyrics composed by

Todd ORLANDO Perusini

"Goin' Fishin" lyrics co-written by Beverly Stehman

           Produced by Henry Piovesan

and Todd ORLANDO Perusini

Vernon, B.C. Canada

Mixed and engineered by Henry Piovesan

Mastered by Bud Bremner

Coastal Mastering, Vancouver, BC

CD1 Face.jpg

The Musicians


Lead vocals & rhythm guitar on all songs

Background vocals on # 3, 4, 8, 10, 11, 12


Keyboards on all songs

Electric Guitar on 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12,13

Jews Harp on 6, Accordion on 10

Backing tracks

Judy Rose

Background vocals on 2,5,7,11,12,13   

John Noren - Background vocals on 7,12

Kelly Ingersol -Background vocals on 1,6,9

Alison Tishenko -Background vocals on 1,6,9

Menza Bouwman & Patreen Stasyk

Background vocals on 11,13

Betty Anne Northrup-Background vocals on 2

Debra-Jean Creelman-Background vocals on 5,12

Jim Rhindress - Electric guitar on 2,3,4,8,9

Shannon Morrell  - Banjo on 6,12

Andy Grafitti - Drums on 6

Don Raffan - Auctioneer on 1

Special thanks to Henry Piovesan for the skillful fine tuning of my songs

(and the machete work when needed), for your heartfelt and enthusiastic involvement in these works,

for the guitar and vocal lessons, for the many hours of fun working in your studio,

and thank you for your patience and integrity in seeing this 5 year project to a fine finish.

Linda Jeannotte thank you for your contributions to the lyrics, your constructive feedback, and your love and on-going support

John Noren and Craig Noren thank you for the music we have shared and for the positive influence that you have both been in my musical journey

Harry Shepard thank you for being a good mentor, for your belief in me, and especially your enthusiasm

(listen to The Sales Game)

Photos by Vlado Forgac


All those in business, big or small, private or public, are basically doing one of two things in the” real world”. They are providing product and/or services. All of them employ people and agencies to represent, advertise, promote, market, retail, broker, negotiate, distribute, dispense, trade, and vend their wares.

These people, by whatever special title they have adopted, are all in the field of sales.

They are the catalyst in all business transactions and collectively represent the leading occupation in the world in terms of numbers employed. 30% of the total workforce are salespeople.

To the men and woman working among this integral part of society,

I dedicate my album “Comes A Salesman”.

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