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        Contact : Todd ORLANDO Perusini
         Mail: 14 - Valley Drive, Vernon, BC, Canada V1H2B4

       Email: info@orlandoprojects.com
       Phone and Fax: (250) 558-7888

"Comes A Salesman"

Description of each Song

ORLANDO'S First Album

All music and lyrics composed by

Todd ORLANDO Perusini

Also lead vocals and rhythm guitar on all songs

1. Comes A Salesman   3:18

Music Style: Light Rock with a driving rhythm

Subject Matter: Everything we own and purchase passes through the hands of a salesman. He is the catalyst in all business transactions

Danceability: free style, Two-Step

2. It Don't Float   4:05

Music Style: Rhythm and Blues

Subject Matter: Commentary about some of North America's greatest problems

Danceability: Free style, Two-Step

3. Melt Down Mama   3:18

Music Style: Light Country Rock

Subject Matter: Tribute to the caring,understanding attitude and sex appeal of a mother

Danceability: Two-Step, Freestyle

4. The Sales Game   4:32

Music Style: Modern Blues

Subject Matter: A hopeful Blues Shuffle about the life of a commissioned salesperson.

Danceability: Freestyle

5. The Huckster   4:18

Music Style: Latin Soft Rock

Subject Matter: The things we buy into and the sales pitches that entice us

Danceability: Freestyle, Two-Step

6. Feelin' Lazy   3:21

Music Style: Country Folk

Subject Matter: The enjoyment of feeling lazy

Danceability: Freestyle, Two-Step

7. B. C. Joyride   3:11

Music Style: Rock Anthem

Subject Matter: Driving through the province of British Columbia

8. Double Bogey Blues   3:28

Music Style: Modern Blues

Subject Matter: Everything that can go wrong in a game of Golf

9. Bangkok Women

Music Style: Up-Tempo Rock song with a groove

Subject Matter: A young man's experience on the streets of Bangkok

Danceability: Freestyle

10. My Friends   3:27

Music Style: Country Folk

Subject Matter: The Gift of Friendship

Danceability: Freestyle

11. Self Love   3:52

Music Style: Progressive Rock

Subject Matter: The common problem of not loving yourself enough

Danceability: Freestyle

12. Goin' Fishin'   3:39

Music Style: Upbeat Country Folk

Subject Matter: The sport of fishing, one of North America's favorite passtimes

Danceability: Freestyle

13. The GoodBye Song   1:11

Music Style: A short hokie-folkie novelty song

Subject Matter: Farewell

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