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        Contact : Todd ORLANDO Perusini
         Mail: 14 - Valley Drive, Vernon, BC, Canada V1H2B4

       Email: info@orlandoprojects.com
       Phone and Fax: (250) 558-7888

Listen to the Music

ORLANDO'S First Album

Thank you for including my music on your playlist.


You may PURCHASE or DOWNLOAD any of my songs on your favorite music platform

Comes A Salesman 3:18

 It Don't Float  4:05

 Melt Down Mama 3:18

The Sales Game  4:12

The Huckster  4:18

Feelin' Lazy  3:21

B. C. Joyride  3:11

Double Bogey Blues  3:28

Bangkok Women  3:27

My Friends  3:27

Self Love  3:52

Goin' Fishin'  3:39

The GoodBye Song  1:11

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