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        Contact : Todd ORLANDO Perusini
         Mail: 14 - Valley Drive, Vernon, BC, Canada V1H2B4

       Email: info@orlandoprojects.com
       Phone and Fax: (250) 558-7888

ORLANDO'S New Releases

Description of each Song

All music and lyrics composed by

Todd ORLANDO Perusini

Also lead vocals and rhythm guitar

on all songs
"Bring it On" Written by Todd ORLANDO Perusini and Henry Piovesan

1. The Look on their Faces  3:33

Music Style: Light Rock Ballad

Subject Matter : The challenges of being a father are outweighed by the joy he experiences with his children

Danceability: Rhumba, Two Step

2. Bring it On  3:22

Music Style: Driving R & B Anthem

Subject Matter: Set your passions free. Allow yourself to be, to grow, and to do. Those things that bring you the greatest joy.

3.Tax Man Blues  3:33

Music Style: Modern Blues shuffle

Subject Matter: A social commentary that takes a fun poke at the Tax System

Danceability: East Coast Swing, Freestyle, Two-Step

7. Woman Scare the Hell Out of Me 3:27


Music Style: Rock

Subject Matter : A humorous look at the experience of a young man going bald.

Danceability: East Coast Swing, Freestyle

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